Welcome to Mollie Moo, a newly established children’s brand founded in 2020 and inspired by my daughter Mollie-Mae. 
I started the business having never sewn anything apart from a very questionable pillow in high school and soon got the hang of the  rompers which was the first item sold. Since then we have introduced a range of items including blankets, bows,  and much more with the view to introduce more along the way. We take pride in all of the items made by myself, ensuring we are 100% happy with the finished product before shipping. Due to expanding, we have introduced some items that we have had made by other small businesses. Being a small business ourselves and knowing how happy it makes us to receive an order we have chosen to go to other small businesses to supply what we need rather that larger manufacturers.
All of the prints are designed by us making them unique and one of a kind that you wont see anywhere else. We have started off with a limited amount of prints and hope to have more of a selection in the near future. 
If you are cow mad, looking for something a little different or have a gift to buy for a little one then we have all you need. 


Our mission is to create a children’s brand that everyone loves and that you are all as happy as we are with our items. We aim to have a collection of prints to ensure everyone is catered for and there’s something for everyone.